2022 NBA Finals Suckers Bets TO Look Out For

Sucker’s Bets To Avoid During The 2022 NBA Finals

Sportsbooks host +10000 long odds for someone to break the NBA Finals single-game scoring record of 61.
Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors sees +6000 odds to average 25+ points in the NBA Finals.
Grant Williams of the Boston Celtics has +15000 odds to finish with the most three-pointers made in the entire series.

BOSTON – As the Golden State Warriors head to Boston to reclaim home court against the Boston Celtics, sportsbooks are hosting longshot NBA Finals betting lines.

While these wagers may be tempting, these are viewed as sucker’s bets because of how unlikely they are to hit. Bets like someone breaking the single-game scoring record set by Elgin Baylor

These are the top wagers betting fans should look to avoid at legal sports betting sites during the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals Scoring Longshot

Any Player To Break Record For Most Points Made In A Finals Game (62+Pts) +10000

Not since the great Elgin Baylor has anyone come close to scoring 60 in a playoff game, let alone breaking the record. Michael Jordan scored 55 in the 1993 NBA Finals and Rick Barry did so in 1967.

The highest-scoring games in recent years were the 51-point game from LeBron James in 2018 and Giannis Antetokounmpo in last year’s NBA finals dropping 50.

With the intense defenses, ball movement, and the multiple scoring options shown on both the Warriors and the Celtics this series, it is very unlikely that either team will see someone score 62 points.

Steph Curry of Golden State does have a top 10 NBA Finals scoring performance under his belt, however. If any player breaks this record, it will likely be him.

Klay Thompson Scoring Average

Klay Thompson To Average 25+ Points Per Game +6000

NBA Finals betting fans should steer clear of this longshot as Klay Thompson has been in a shooting slump during the NBA Finals.

Thompson is averaging just 13 PPG on 30.3% shooting from the field and 26.7% shooting from behind the arc.

In order for Thompson to average 25 or more points, he would need to score close to 40 points in the next two games. If the series runs seven Thompson will have to average at least 30 PPG for the remainder of the series.

Thompson is only averaging 19.1 PPG in the entire postseason. He has only scored at least 30 points in three games during the playoffs.

Additionally, Steph Curry has been leading the charge for Golden State so far in the NBA Finals, meaning it is unlikely that Steve Kerr would change the offense to give Klay enough shots to average 30 going forward, even if he has a breakout game.

Grant Williams Longshot 3pt Prop

Top 3Pts Made/Game In Series
Grant Williams (BOS) +15000

Grant Williams has only hit one three-pointer in the two games of the NBA Finals thus far. The current series leader is Steph Curry who has his 12 threes in the Finals.

Williams would need no other player to score another three and to catch fire from behind the arc in order to surpass everyone and lead the series in total threes.

Those betting on the NBA should no that Williams is not a known sharpshooter. In fact, for the season he is averaging only 1.4 threes made per game.

While his shooting has gone up slightly in the playoffs, making 33 in 20 games played, that is still only 1.6 per game.

Williams has shown nothing that would indicate he will be knocking down threes at a high enough clip to surpass Curry for the remainder of the series.

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