David Highhill Announced As NFL Sports Betting VP

NFL Further Embraces Sports Betting, Announces New Betting VP

David Highhill has been announced as the new VP and general manager for the NFL, a brand new position in the league.
Highhill initially ran the go to market sports betting initiatives while under the corporate strategy group for the NFL.
This position further shows the league embracing sports betting.

NEW YORK – The NFL is continuing to embrace sports betting with the creation of a new sports betting-focused position.

David Highhill, a 10-year NFL employee from the corporate strategy group, has been named the VP and general manager of sports betting. Highhill initially ran the go-to-market sports betting initiatives for the NFL.

NFL And Sports Betting

With the countrywide rise in sports betting popularity, the NFL has continuously engrained itself with the bubbling market.

Several NFL teams have partnerships with popular sportsbooks, and the NFL itself has a deal with Genius Sports to official league data for sportsbooks.

It was only a matter of time for the league to dedicate a roll specific to the betting part of things, and Highhill’s experience made him the perfect choice.

“It’s a growing market, it’s grown a lot in the last three or four seasons,” said Highhill. “What’s ahead is the exciting part of the opportunity.”

Highhill’s new position entails maintaining the integrity of NFL games from “gambling-related harm” while also promoting the brand further within the betting sphere.

The position will see him use the NFL’s data and intellectual property to push fan engagement. Sports betting is to be used as a tool to increase the fan experience.

No NFL Sportsbook Incoming

As much as the league is embracing betting, there are currently no plans to shift the NFL into a gambling-centric company.

While there are a few NFL teams with sports betting licenses through partnership deals, i.e the Washington Commanders and the Arizona Cardinals, Highhill has already stated that the league and its teams won’t be launching their own sportsbooks.

“We’re going to focus on serving fans and the games rather than becoming a sportsbook,” said Highhill.

With this move, sports betting and professional sports continue their symbiotic relationship. Expect more professional leagues to dedicate positions to sports betting.

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