In-Person & Online Sports Betting Legalized In Massachusetts

Massachusetts Governor Baker Signs Legal Sports Betting Bill

Massachusetts Gov. Baker

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed House Bill 5164 last night to legalize sports betting.
The bill will allow for 15 state-regulated in-person and online sports betting operators.
Massachusetts sports betting laws will restrict betting options on the state’s colleges and universities.

BOSTON – Massachusetts officially has state-regulated sports betting, as Governor Charlie Baker signed House Bill 5164 on Wednesday night.

The bill will not result in any immediate changes for Massachusetts sports betting as the Massachusetts Gaming Commission still must create many different rules and regulations.

Rules and regulations have caused many states to launch nearly a year after sports betting bills were signed into effect by their governors.

Governor Charlie Baker on Wednesday signed a bill legalizing sports betting in Massachusetts, making official a years-long push to bring sports wagering in the state into the light of day.

— The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe) August 10, 2022

Sports Betting Regulations From H. 5164

House Bill 5164 brings legal sports betting throughout Massachusetts, although it contains a few key restrictions:

Maximum of 15 licenses for online and in-person sports betting operators.
Taxes generated from sports betting will go towards workforce development, local aid, and public health initiatives.
Restrict bettors from wagering on Massachusetts colleges and universities except for when they play in tournaments

The two main keys that Massachusetts bettors are likely concerned about revolve around the operators and the restrictions surrounding Massachusetts colleges.

Competition amongst legal sports betting sites means the best possible product is available for sports bettors. Massachusetts lawmakers promoted that competition by allowing up to 15 operators to obtain licensing from the state.

Those 15 operators must compete with each other as well as internationally regulated sportsbooks that Massachusetts bettors are likely already familiar with.

The college restriction means bettors will not be allowed to bet on any college football or basketball games unless any of Massachusetts’s schools advance to postseason tournaments. It is unclear if the tournament exemption includes conference tournaments such as the ACC Tournament for Boston College or the Ivy League Tournament for Harvard.

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