NC House Committee Advances Two Online Betting Bills

North Carolina Online Sportsbooks Remain A Possibility

The regulated online sports betting market in North Carolina could become a reality as the House Judiciary Committee advances two bills.
Both bills have already passed in the Senate and work in tandem with one another to shape the mobile betting market.
NC could see the launch of online sportsbooks by January 2023.

RALEIGH, N.C. — The House Judiciary Committee in North Carolina advanced two bills that would allow for regulated online sports betting in the Tar Heel State. Both bills were voted on together and passed with a vote of 6 yays, 3 nays, and one no contest.

The bills advance to two more House Committees and could see a full chamber vote Wednesday night. The North Carolina legislative session ends on June 30, giving lawmakers little time if they want online betting to pass.

North Carolina Online Sportsbooks

The bills in question, SB 688 and SB 38 work in tandem with one another, with SB 38 focusing on the taxation efforts.

Under SB 38, online sportsbooks will be taxed 14% on gross gaming revenue. The original proposed bill pushed for an 8% tax rate.

SB 688 grants the ability for online operators to offer odds on professional, collegiate, and esports events alongside worse racing. The bill specifically outlaws wagering on youth or amateur sports, defined as Olympic events.

There is also a clause that $2 million will annually be required. This money will be used for problem gambling efforts.

Those in favor of sports betting believe that the votes are there for the market to pass this year. Should lawmakers pass these bills and online betting is signed into law before the June 30 deadline, the market could be live by January 2023.

There have been some public challenges to a potential sports betting market, however.

Those Opposed

House Rep. Marcia Morey has publicly stated that while in favor of sports betting, she worries about allowing mobile betting statewide.

“I think we’re going way too fast,” said Morey before the committee voted. “If we maybe took a step at looking at the big sports facilities having in-person betting. But to suddenly put it on everyone’s mobile phone, to have access to instant wagering every 10 seconds on different aspects of sports, I just think it’s a bad idea.”

Rep. Morey is not a part of the committee voting on sports betting. In contrast, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has stated he is in favor of betting. Should the bills advance out of committee, he would sign the legislation.

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