North Carolina Online Betting Could Go Live By 2022 NFL Season

Sen. Paul Lowe Thinks NC Online Sports Betting Has The Votes

Lawmakers believe SB 688, which already passed in the Senate, has the votes to pass in the House to bring online betting to North Carolina.
There is optimism that sportsbooks will be live in time for the 2022 NFL season.
Gov. Roy Cooper has expressed he would sign online sports gambling legislation should it pass.

RALEIGH, N.C. — North Carolina residents could see a regulated local online market go live in time for the 2022 NFL season according to lawmakers.

The bill that would bring online sports betting in North Carolina has already passed successfully in the Senate and legislators like Sen. Paul Lowe believe that the votes are there in the NC House.

Gov. Roy Cooper has already voiced his support for online sports betting, indicating he would sign any legislation that passes.

Online Sportsbooks In North Carolina

SB 688 was actually a divided bill when it passed in the NC Senate in 2021. Backers of the bill believe that the votes are there in the House and that the regulations will be set within a few months.

“We just want to make sure we have drummed up the votes, and I think we have,” said Lowe. “I feel confident about it.”

The legislative session began May 18, and is expected to be a short one. A final decision on the mobile betting market will likely be made during this session.

SB 688 would bring up to 12 mobile operators to offer odds statewide. Sports betting is already regulated in North Carolina, but only at two tribal casinos for physical betting.

With the early success of the betting market at the two tribal casinos, many are eager to expand into legal online betting in North Carlina as well.

“We’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll,” said Jason Saine, NC House Rep. “I’ve not heard any new opposition. I think we have a pretty smooth glide path once we do kind of start rolling into session.”

Early Support For Online Betting In NC

A local poll shows that 52% of residents are in favor of online sports betting in North Carolina and think it should be regulated. Only 28% were opposed with 19% voted not sure.

Of the male population, 61% were in favor of betting while women saw 44% in favor; both still seeing the majority of in favor votes.

This poll indicates that residents want online sports betting. Alongside support from lawmakers and the Governor’s administration, online sportsbooks in North Carolina should go live with no issue in 2022.

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