Premier League Darts Odds For Night 16 Back Jonny Clayton

Every Jonny Clayton Bet That Should Pay Off On Night 16

Jonny Clayton has -325 betting odds to beat Gary Anderson on Night 16.
Clayton bettors can find double or triple profit by betting in a different style.

NEWCASTLE – Jonny Clayton is the one to bet when taking on the darts betting sites. On Thursday, Night 16 – the final stage before the playoffs – begins in the afternoon with Clayton taking on Gary Anderson in the quarterfinals.

Clayton and Anderson are no strangers to one another with Clayton winning their Night 11 QF matchup 6-2.

Legal online sportsbooks see the same happening, as Clayton is a -325 betting favorite. The odds also support past data, with Anderson not having much luck in the QF round.

Past Quarterfinal Results – Gary Anderson

Lost 6-1 on Night 15
Lost 6-4 on Night 14
Won 6-2 on Night 13
Lost 6-2 on Night 12
Lost 6-2 on Night 11 (vs Clayton)
Lost 6-2 on Night 10
Withdrew (COVID) on Night 9

Anderson is positioned last (8th) in the Premier League Darts standings, out of playoff contention. Anderson was the first eliminated (Night 14) and has been in 8th position since Night 8.

Take Clayton Moneyline

Without effort needed from Anderson, Clayton is in a position to have an opponent with nothing to fight for. Jonny Clayton has already clinched his playoff spot; therefore, the same could be said back to him.

Still, excluding the COVID withdrawal, Anderson has lost 11 times in the QF this season. On the flip side, he has two exits in the semifinals and one night as the winner.

But what is the best method to capitalize on the darts odds? The exact score bet is one that can be tricky but comes with an excellent reward (payout) when done so accurately.

Betting on Jonny Clayton at -325 odds is the safe play. A $300 bet brings forward a profit of $92.31 assuming he wins. However, one can almost double, or even triple their payout by taking more of a risk.

Exact Score Odds: Clayton To Win 6 To

0 +1500
1 +575
2 +500
3 +350
4 +500
5 +475

Taking Clayton to win 6-2, 6-3, and 6-4 in three one-unit bets proves this method.

Bet Amount
Exact Score




The opportunity to win $300 or $150 rather than $92.31 is present, assuming Clayton doesn’t lose or win 6-0, 6-1, or 6-5.

Exact Score In Clayton Victories

6-0: 0
6-1: 3
6-2: 3
6-3: 4
6-4: 7
6-5: 5

On the 2022 season, Clayton has beaten opponents in the suggested range 14 times, or 64% of the time.

Betting The Most 180s

Odds for the most 180s in Night 16 are somewhat even. Clayton (-115) is the favorite with Anderson (+180) well ahead of the draw (+365).

Clayton has the major advantage with the most 180s on the year (87) and the most 180s on a night in a match twice this season. At 40 total 180s, Anderson has the fewest of the year.

If nervous to be eaten by the draw, look toward the over for Jonny Clayton’s 180s.

Over 2.5 -125
Under 2.5 -105


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