Sports Betting At Kroger Is Set For Over A Dozen Locations

Sports Betting At Kroger Becoming Common, Like Lotto Tickets

Ohio lottery locations that have liquor licenses will have the ability to apply for a sports betting license under “Type C” and can offer kiosks ks as soon as January 1st, 2023.
Kroger has applied for 13 of these licenses for Cincinnati locations, with each application costing $15,000 and followed by a $150,000 5-year renewal fee.

CINCINNATI – The Ohio sports betting market is set to officially launch on January 1, 2023, and even Kroger is getting in on the action. This grocery store is the largest US grocery chain by revenue and has applied for at least 13 locations to offer sports betting in Ohio.

Under the sports betting law that was signed by Governor Mike DeWine in December 2021, there are three types of businesses that can apply for a sports betting license. Kroger would be under the “Type C” category, which requires the business to have a liquor license and a state lottery license.

The “Type C” license will allow sports betting through a kiosk or terminal operated by an employee of the business.

With this type of easy access to betting on sports lines, betting on the Bengals or the Browns will be as easy as buying a lotto ticket at a local grocery venue.

These Kroger locations in Cincinnati must see massive upside in the climbing industry, with a $15,000 application fee for each license. Once everything is set in place, there is also an initial $115,000 optional fee that has a five-year renewal requirement.

This type of sports betting license application is not just for gas stations, but any business that is a lottery provider and has an active liquor license. Ohio sports bettors could see these betting kiosks in bars, nightclubs, and even restaurants in 2023.

With the Cincinnati Bengals making a playoff run to the Super Bowl in 2022 with +15000 preseason odds, Ohio residents will have plenty to wager on when legal sports betting officially launches in January. This launch date coincides with the NFL Playoffs that are set to begin on January 15, giving Ohio residents two weeks to place their Super Bowl bets.

With their two-story location in downtown Cincinnati that opened up in 2021, Kroger keeps adding to the experience, now with potential sports betting kiosks in 2023.

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