Standard Odds Given For Game 1 Of CWS Between Oklahoma And Ole Miss

Oklahoma Slightly Favored Over Ole Miss In CWS Game 1

Oklahoma Baseball

The Oklahoma Sooners have +145 odds to cover a -1.5-point runline in Game 1.
Both Oklahoma and Ole Miss began their CWS runs with +650 odds.
Ole Miss has -130 odds to win the series.

OMAHA, Ne. – The College World Series Finals are here and the Oklahoma Sooners are listed as the slight favorites on the runline to win the first game. Oddsmakers are not counting Ole Miss out though as they are favored to win the series overall.

Oklahoma Vs. Ole Miss Game 1

Moneyline: Oklahoma (-115) vs. Ole Miss (-115)
Runline: Oklahoma -1.5 (+145)
Spread: 12 Runs

Oklahoma is going into the first game as the slight favorite considering the road they took to get to this point in Omaha. They’ve scored  5+ runs in each game and also won each of their three games by 4 runs or more.

As for Ole Miss, their run saw a slight bump in the road as they took four games to get to this point after losing a game to Arkansas. Signs could also be pointing to them slowing down as well being that they’ve only scored two runs in each of their last two games which could be the reason they are going into Game 1 as a slight underdog.

A Similar Story

Both Oklahoma and Ole Miss took similar paths to get to this point despite Ole Miss taking four games instead of the three that Oklahoma did. Both teams went into Omaha with +650 futures odds and have seen them slowly come down since.

Oklahoma took down #2 Texas A&M in their first and third game and #6 Notre Dame in their second game. Ole Miss defeated #7 Auburn in their first game and #3 Arkansas in the second and fourth game.

They each took down the two teams with the longest odds to win the CWS and the two teams that sat in front of them on the odds board as well.

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