The Colts, Eagles, & Steelers Offer Surprising Win Totals

Betting On Season Win Total Of The Colts, Eagles, & Steelers

Projected to win the worst division in the NFL, bets on the over for the Indianapolis Colts win total provides immense value.
The Philadelphia Eagles play one of the easiest schedules in the NFL, especially through the first ten weeks of the season.
With rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett set to face only three teams that are expected to be .500 or worse, bet on the under for the Pittsburgh Steelers win total.

INDIANAPOLIS – The 2022 NFL Schedule release was on May 12th, and going team-by-team it is clear that three of the best bets NFL Win Season Totals bets are on the over for the Indianapolis Colts and Philadelphia Eagles and the under for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, and Pittsburgh Steelers Win Totals And Games Against Projected .500 Or Better Teams

Odds To Win Division:
Win Total:
Games Vs. 9+ Wins Teams:
Games Vs. 8.5 Or Less Wins Teams:




Taking The Over For The Indianapolis Colts Win Total

The betting favorite according to legal online sportsbooks to win arguably the worst division in the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts have a fairly straightforward path to at least nine wins.

Playing against the Houston Texans (4.5 wins total), Jacksonville Jaguars (6 wins total), and the Tennessee Titans (9.5 wins total) amounts to a very cushy schedule.

Based on those opponents alone, the Colts should probably go 5-1 at the worst. Consider that the Titans just traded Pro-Bowl wide receiver A.J. Brown and released their other starting wideout Julio Jones. There just aren’t a lot of receiving options to go around on the Titans. It may not be out of the question that the Colts sweep the entire AFC South next season.

Even after their humiliating Week 17 defeat against the Jacksonville Jaguars last season, the Indianapolis Colts still had the highest point differential of any team in their division.

Outside of the AFC South, the Colts only face three teams with win totals of 10 or higher, the Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, and Los Angeles Chargers. They play the Chiefs and Chargers at home in Indianapolis and travel to Denver to take on the Broncos.

The Colts may end up as an 11 or 12-win team when all is said and done.

Betting The Over On The Philadelphia Eagles Win Total

The Philadelphia Eagles may have the easiest schedule in the NFL through the first ten weeks of the NFL Season. Their first four games feature only one game against a team win a win total that higher than eight, and that is the Minnesota Vikings whose total is nine. That game will be at home for the Eagles.

Weeks five and six are against the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys, and those may be the swings games that allow bettors to get a leg up on NFL betting sites.

The Cardinals in week five will be without star-wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and the Cowboys will potentially be missing Michael Gallup as he is likely to start the season on the Physically Unable To Perform List (the earliest a player can return from that list is week seven).

The Eagles then have their bye week and proceed to play the Pittsburgh Steelers at home, the Houston Texans, and the Washington Commanders.

Based on preseason win projections and any third-year leap Jalen Hurts makes, the Eagles may be at eight wins by week ten.

In the last five weeks of the season, 4/5 of the teams the Eagles play have win totals below nine wins.

Now may be the time to be the over (-130) on the Eagle’s nine wins total set by legal sports betting sites.

Betting The Under For The Pittsburgh Steelers Win Total

The Pittsburgh Steelers play nine games against teams with win totals that suggest they will .500 or better. That number will likely only get worse once the NFL decides on any possible Deshaun Watson suspension because online sportsbooks have yet to post a win total for the Browns.

That makes it seem that the Steelers then have six games against teams that are expected to be below average. That thought process would be wrong. Of those six teams, three of them are favored to go over either their eight or 8.5 win totals.

Win Total:
Over Odds:
Under Odds:

Week 2
New England Patriots

Week 10
New Orleans Saints

Week 16
Las Vegas Raiders

Kenny Pickett and the Steelers will face three teams that are expected to go 8-9 or worse all season, which makes the under on the Pittsburgh Steelers one of the best bets in all of the NFL.

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