Three New Sports Betting Markets To Miss NFL Season Start

Ohio regulated sports betting is set to go live on January 1, 2023.
Massachusetts passed betting into law but has not finalized regulations as if yet.
Kansas has also not set the final rules and regulations for its betting market.

BOSTON – There are new betting markets incoming in the US with Ohio, Kansas, and Massachusetts all passing regulated betting laws in 2022.

Fans in these states won’t be seeing local books in time for the NFL season start in September, however, as Ohio set its launch date for January 1, 2023.

Meanwhile, neither Kansas nor Massachusetts have set the rules for their market, giving no timetable as to when regulated betting will go live.

What’s Going On In Ohio?

Ohio has seen several sports betting applications including the likes of local major teams like the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Ohio will see sportsbooks in stadiums similar to Arizona. In addition, the Buckeye State also announced they would use tax dollars to fund efforts to help local veterans.

Ohio initially announced sports betting applicants every week during the first phase of applications. They have not issued out any betting licenses as of yet.

Several sports bettng licenses have been preauthorized, however, including the likes of Little York Tavern and Pizza, Kings Table Bar & Grill, and Company 7 BBQ.

What’s Going On In Kansas?

Kansas will be another market that allows for in stadium sportsbooks once the market goes live. There has been no word of progress since the bill was signed in May.

Kansas has not begun the application process and lawmakers have not met to designate rules as of yet.

In all likelihood Kansas wont begun working on its betting market until 2023, meaning the market won’t be live during this NFL season or ahead of the Super Bowl.

What’s Going On In Massachusetts?

Massachusetts recently regulated sports betting during a last-minute special session that ran into the night after many expected the market to not pass.

Since the passing was so last minute and disagreements between the House and the Senate were so public, the likelihood of them finalizing regulations in time for the NFL season is slim.

Bettors can possibly expect to see the betting market go live 2023, maybe ahead of Super Bowl 57 or March Madness should legislators work on regulations during the NFL season.

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